About Us

Malikha Power Engineering Ltd. was established as a trading company which supplies transformers and solar power systems to industries and households. After a year, we extend to offer a full range of electrical products and installation services to the Commercial Buildings, Industries and Residential, at the same time we commit ourselves to satisfy the customer's requirements and needs.

Our core business is to provide electrical engineering and system installation services. We can supply all of high, medium, and low voltage electrical equipment such as capacitors, distribution transformers, sub-station materials, switchgear panels, solar panels, etc.
Over the past years, we have grown rapidly and gained recognition from both local and oversea customers. We have increased a range of products with networking, experienced management teams, and skillful staffs. We also concentrate continuously on our product quality and development.

The company priority is to treat every member of staff with respect and dignity as we believe that good employee relations always lead to a happy work environment, teamwork, and continuous improvement within the company.

Malikha's achievement to date has been largely flourishing due to strategic management added with proficient and experienced employees who strive to provide value-added service. We are now ready to step confidently forward into the future and prepare to grow more in the domestic market.


"To be a market leader in Electrical Industry by providing high quality products and service"


"Provide the best quality and service to satisfy a wide range of customer needs and requirements through continuous improvement"

The Company's Products and Service

  1. Design & supply Transformers and sub-station materials in specific by order
  2. Supply electrical materials such as HV, MV and LV Switchgear Panels, Circuit Breakers, Distribution Panels , Capacitors, etc . . .
  3. Provide Installation and after sales service
  4. Supply energy saving products such as solar cells
  5. Design and provide site installation for the solar system